National Propaganda NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed 1,400
Building Needed Supreme Court
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • +1 happiness in all your regions (all classes)
  • -15 to diplomatic relations
  • +1 to morale in battles
National Propaganda is a civil technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Telling people “the truth” unifies the nation and raises morale.

Newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, flyers, and posters can all be used to tell people about the glory won on the battlefield and the evil schemes of other nations. Such carefully crafted messages can also aid agents. A gentleman who is working for a noble, worthwhile cause will find it easier to persuade others to support it if he has a plausible version of the truth on his side. The morale of an army may also be increased in battle if soldiers believe in the righteousness of the national cause.

In reality, Napoleon was a master of using the press to burnish his own reputation, and to prepare the nation for changes in policy. The “Moniteur” newspaper, and other Parisian journals, harped on the perfidious intentions of Britain at every opportunity. Oddly, however, Napoleon was incensed when British newspapers returned the favour and traduced his reputation, and was considered by some to be angry enough over the matter to declare war. He didn’t seem to notice that the British press were horrid about everyone, and were as rude about “Prinny”, their own lardy, indolent, pie-guzzling, womanizing, booze-sodden, and debauched Prince Regent, as they were about a short Corsican in a funny hat. Some things never change.

General InformationEdit

National Propaganda gives +1 morale to troops in battle, raises happiness for all regions by one, and worsens diplomatic relations with all other factions by 15 points. This last trait cancels out the bonus to diplomatic relations granted by the earlier civil technology, Dialectics. While the +1 happiness is rarely too heavy of a factor by the time this technology is available thanks to significantly upgraded cultural and administrative buildings, the extra morale granted by National Propaganda is a powerful tool on the battlefield.

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