The National Gallery is a unique cultural building in Napoleon: Total War. It may only be built by Great Britain.


The magnificent collection of artwork greatly adds to national prestige.

Pride in one's nation is a powerful thing, and what better way to instill national pride than to build a structure that celebrates the great achievements of the country? Be it past victories, advances in education and technology, or a collection of treasures, such structures provide a stage to display achievements to the world. National standing compared to other nations is vastly important in matters of diplomacy, so a public demonstration of national power will improve prestige.

Historically, the British National Gallery came into being when the government bought the art collection of English banker, John Julius Augerstein. The collection was originally housed in Augerstein's home in Pall Mall in central London, but this was seen as far too small in comparison with other national galleries. The government agreed to fund the construction of a new building and Trafalgar Square was chosen as the best location. The construction of the National Gallery was completed in 1838 and the amazing collection remains open to the public.


Requires Great Museum at the capital region of Great Britain. Requires 12,000 gold and 12 turns.

National Gallery NTW
  • +5 happiness (all classes)
  • +2 happiness in all your regions (all classes)
  • +20 per turn to town wealth in the region
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training): 1

As the final cultural building for Great Britain, this building increases the happiness of all controlled regions. The National Gallery is identical in function to the Wiener Theater, Musée Napoléon, Humboldt Universität or Kremlin Armory available to Austria, France, Prussia and Russia respectively.

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