Napoleon render

Render of Napoleon from the CGI trailer, artist: Phil Shoebottom

Napoleon Bonaparte is a playable character and central figure in Napoleon: Total War. He is voiced by Stéphane Cornicard.

General InformationEdit

Napoleon is the highest-leveled general at the beginning of the Europe campaign. He cannot be killed, only injured (either on the battlefield or being targeted by spies). Should this occur, he respawns in Paris after two turns. 

Napoleon is a superb general overall, with nine stars if the army he's commanding has many artillery units, or seven with a more mixed army. He is the best and most expensive general option in multiplayer for France. Unusually for a general, he is also France's head of state. In this capacity he is excellent, and far superior to his equivalents in other factions. In the campaigns, he a very large bonus (about 20) to morale to all units in the army he controls. His presence on the battlefield gives all French units a huge morale boost, to the point that they practically fight to the death. Conversely, this means that his being injured on the battlefield is effectively a huge blow to morale. 

Like some of the other head generals, Napoleon has a unique sprite. 

Traits and AncilliariesEdit

During the tutorial:

During the Italy Campaign:

During the Egypt Campaign: 

During the Europe Campaign:

  • Destined to Rule: "Napoleon has seen the world, now he must control it. It is a matter of destiny". No effect.
  • Hero-Worshipped: -1 to command in land battles, +3 to morale in battles
  • General of Artillery: +3 to Command when leading artillery units, +2% to artillery units campaign movement range
  • General of the Grand Armée: +5% to the replenishment rate in this region, +10% to army campaign movement range, +50% to line of sight range
  • Glorious General: +4 to command in land battles
  • Courageous Leader: +3 to morale in Battles


  • Aide de Camp: +1 Command in land battles
  • Hot Air Balloonist: Observation ballon provides a full view of enemy units in their deployment.

During the Peninsular Campaign: