Naples & Sicily
Naples & Sicily
are a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It is an emergent nation in the Grand Campaign, while it is already established at the beginning of the fourth episode of the Road to Independence.

General InformationEdit

Naples & Sicily emerges if a rebellion is successful in its identically-named region, or if a non-European faction controlling the region is eliminated. The region that this faction spawns in is very wealthy, but as it is a minor region, its initial access to troops is limited.

Unit RosterEdit

Naples & Sicily have access to essentially the standard European Roster, with added access to Heavy Cavalry and Carabineers.


The two separate Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily came under the control of Spain during the early 16th century; they formally retained their autonomous status and the Kings of Spain demitted the government of each kingdom to a viceroy. The Treaty of Utrecht (1713) assigned Sicily to Savoy, and Naples and Sardinia to Austria; in 1720 Savoy traded Sicily to Austria in exchange of Sardinia. However, Austrian rule on the area was soon to come to an end: during the War of the Polish Succession, the Spanish prince Charles of Bourbon invaded and conquered both Naples and Sicily (1734-5). The kingdoms were not reunited with Spain, but finally achieved independence under Charles, who ruled them in personal union. Charles and his Prime Minister, Bernardo Tanucci, pursued a reformist policy, undermining the ecclesiastical and feudal privileges and favoring trade. The next king, Ferdinand, was very different from Charles: he was inept and had not interest in politics. Ferdinand would eventually have to face a pro-French revolution in 1799, as well as the Napoleonic Wars. In 1815, the two kingdoms were finally united into a single political entity, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

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