Morocco is a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It controls the west of the Maghreb known as the province of Morocco.

General InformationEdit

Unlike other Eastern factions like the Barbary States and most of the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, Morocco starts off in a region with high wealth because of the high amount of already present cities, and some additional villages that grow into wealthy cities too. Thanks to all this Morocco can become a prosperous nation. This is tempered by the poor quality of their unit roster, which shares similarities with that of the Barbary States.

Morocco generally is a powerful regional player, easily dominating the Barbary States should it choose to declare hostilities, as well as causing a headache for the disorganized Spanish empire. In addition, as it largely controls the Gibraltar straits, it can cause problems for nations wishing to trade from within the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, due to its geographical advantages, lack of allies, poor armies, and high wealth, Morocco is a good target to invade.

Starting PositionEdit

Basics at startEdit

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade Partners – None
  • Enemies – Pirates
  • Religion – Islam
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – Moulay Ismail I (Sultan)
  • Population – 1,838,572
  • Prosperity – Destitute
  • Prestige – Feeble
  • Treasury – 9000
  • Technology – None
  • Imams – None
  • Hashishins – Babur Al Khlaiwi (Morroco)
  • Scholars – Moinuddin Al Dalharni (Tangier)

Europe TheatreEdit

Tangier, MorrocoEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Cannon Foundry, Bey’s Mansion, School of Calligraphers
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,838,572
  • Wealth – 2775
  • Religion – Islam 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/Ports – Guercif Farmland (Peasant Farms), Boujad Farmland (Peasant Farms), Imini Mines (Iron Mine), Fes (Craft Workshops Weavers), Agadir (Shipyard)
  • Later Villages/Ports – Casablanca (Port), Marrakech (Village)


Historically, the region that is now Morocco changed hands many times among Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, and Visigoths. It eventually fell under Arab control with the Umayyads. The Berber people native to the region eventually sought and obtained more autonomy from its rulers, but this was interrupted by a series of foreign invasions ranging from Arabs to the French and Spanish. Although it enjoyed an era of autonomy and power (depicted historically accurately in Empire: Total War), it eventually became a joint Spanish-French protectorate. It eventually regained its independence in 1956, and has remained so since.

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