Handguns are the earliest, most primitive type of hand-held firearm, and consists of a short metal barrier fixed to a long wooden handle. They are inaccurate, take a while to reload, and are somewhat unsafe for the person firing them. Nevertheless, they fire with quite a lot of power, and the smoke and noise can demoralise troops. Well trained and well armoured, this unit is a powerfull short range unit.
Moorish Hand Gunners


  • Soldiers: 60
  • Melee Attack: 11
  • Missile Attack: 13
  • Charge Bonus: 3
  • Weapon Type: Firearm
  • Total Defence: 13
  • Armour: 5
  • Defence Skill: 8
  • Shield: 0
  • Hit Points: 1
  • Recruitment Cost: 850

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