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The Military Academy is a type of military building in Napoleon: Total War.


A military academy trains young officers, and improves the recruitment of military units.

In most countries military command, especially in peacetime, is usually limited to the sons of the ruling and propertied classes: only those with a significant stake in the survival of a nation will defend it properly. However, the counter-argument is that military matters are complicated, and "gentlemen amateurs", even if extremely well bred, may not be good enough. Military academies take in those who have talent, and teach the theory and practice of the military art. The graduates, however, are sometimes regarded as tradesmen because of this vulgar professionalism.

The French were the pre-eminent military power of Western Europe, and led the way in military teaching with the creation of a "École Militaire" in 1751 to educate promising cadets from poorer backgrounds. It was later reorganised and re-named as the "École des Cadets-gentilshommes" or "School of Young Gentlemen", which neatly subverted


Military Academy NTW

Requires Conscript Infantry Tactics, Drill School, 6,000 gold and 10 turns. For most regions, military academies are the highest tier of military buildings available. Military academies in faction capitals, however, can be upgraded to Staff Colleges.

  • Maximum number of generals: +1
  • Generals become available for recruitment at a moderate rate
  • Maximum number of admirals: +1
  • Admirals become available for recruitment at a moderate rate
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training): 3
  • Enables research of: General Staff, Modern Rifles, Standardised Artillery, Quicklime
  • Enables recruitment and replenishment of: militia, line infantry, light infantry, grenadiers, most cavalry, most elite infantry

The Peninsular CampaignEdit

In The Peninsular Campaign, military academies require 3,000 gold and 8 turns to build. Unlike Napoleon: Total War, no technologies are required to build this building.

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