The Metsuke(目付) is an agent type in Total War: Shogun 2.

Encyclopedia descriptionEdit

The metsuke are the daimyo's secret policemen, recruited through the market building chain. Metsuke ensure loyalty and obedience from friendly generals and keep your settlements and armies safe from enemy subterfuge when positioned inside them. Metsuke can also bribe enemy garrisons, generals and armies, and detect, capture and try enemy agents in your territory. They are especially vulnerable to removal from the game through conversion by enemy monks or missionaries.


The Metsuke, literally meaning "censor", were the emperor's secret police. They acted the emperor's inquisitors and spies checking on the day to day activities of ministers and foreign diplomats, anyone who posed a threat. In history there were two forms of metsuke: the metsuke and the higher ranked ōmetsuke. The metsuke were charged with focusing on those ranking below daimyō (the Tokugawa Shogunate use of the word means feudal lords and not warlord) status; and their counterparts, the ōmetsuke, were responsible for supervising the activities of officials and members of the daimyō. Metsuke, unlike in the game, metsuke didn't put people on trial but relayed information to the government who in turn notified the courts who conducts the trial.

Metsuke SkillsEdit

List of Metsuke Skills and Traits


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