The Merchant House is a commercial building in Napoleon: Total War.


This building adds to the industrial wealth of, and greatly improves the town wealth in, its region.

As trade opens up the world, people begin to contemplate the best way to exploit commodities. A merchant houses is a place for traders to gather to discuss trade and conduct business. New ways of financing their enterprises can also be tried. The merchants' rapidly increases finances are also looked after and reinvested in all manner of ways, benefiting the region as a whole.

Historically, the Rothschild banking family controlled the finances of some of the most important men of the Napoleonic era. Nathan Mayer Rothschild established his business in London and was responsible for handling the gold bullion that was sent to Wellington for his war effort in Portugal and Spain. Rothschild took a small percentage commission for handling what turned out to be millions in gold. With important, and profitable transactions like these the Rothschilds were set up a network of family branches to handle business the world over. His connections brought Nathan Rothschild the news of Wellington's victory a full day before it reached the government!


Requires a Market, Classical Economics, 1,800 gold and 6 turns to build. Can be upgraded into Banking House.

Merchant House NTW
  • +100 to region wealth
  • +12 per turn to town wealth in the region
  • +1 per turn to town wealth in all your regions

The Merchant House is the cheapest building that grants a global town wealth generation rate, meaning that it greatly contributes to a faction's wealth if it controls many regions.

Without counting global town wealth growth, the merchant house pays for itself with its additional benefits after 30-41 turns (including build time). However if multiple regions are controlled merchant houses are far more valuable. Even assuming the worst case scenario, 30 turns isn't unreasonable compared to most other mid-late tier buildings, and the benefits increase greatly over time, making merchant houses a good choice for investment.

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