Mercenaries are "made up of peoples from all lands", who fight for other countries more for profit than any sense of loyalty in Medieval II: Total War. These expensive hirelings will fight for whomever will name their desired price--or more! Comprised mainly of fortune hunters and skilled warriors from across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, these excellent troops rely on all manner of armour and weaponry. Some are Christian, others Muslim, but it is not unusual for a country to hire fighters from another culture. Many generals have invested in mercenaries, only to watch them switch to the wining side....sometimes in the middle of a battle. Other generals will be well rewarded for their investment when their hired mercenaries wipe their enemy from the field. Aside from their lack of loyalty, mercenaries tend to be professional and excellent troops, provided they get their pay.

List of Recruitable Mercenaries in Medieval II: Total WarEdit

The following is a list of mercenaries recruitable in every province of the campaign map:


Arguin (The Moors)Edit

Marrakesh (The Moors)Edit

Timbuktu (The Moors)Edit

Algiers (The Moors)Edit

Tunis (The Moors)Edit

Tripoli (The Moors)Edit

Dongola (Egypt)Edit

Cairo (Egypt)Edit

Alexandria (Egypt)Edit

Middle EastEdit

Gaza [Sinai] (Egypt)Edit

Jedda (Egypt)Edit

Jerusalem (Egypt)Edit

Damascus (The Turks)Edit

Aleppo (The Turks)Edit

Antioch (The Turks)Edit

Cyprus (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Edessa (The Turks)Edit

Mosul (The Turks)Edit

Baghdad (Egypt)Edit

Yerevan (The Turks)Edit

Tbilisi (The Turks)Edit

Sarkel (Russia)Edit

Adana (The Turks)Edit

Caesarea (The Turks)Edit

Trebizond (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Iconium (The Turks)Edit

Smyrna (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Nicaea (The Byzantine Empire)Edit


Constantinople (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Rhodes (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Thessalonica (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Crete (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Corinth (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Durazzo (The Byzantine Empire)Edit

Sofia (Hungary)Edit

Zagreb (Republic of Venice)Edit

Bucharest (Hungary)Edit

Bran (Hungary)Edit

Iasi (Hungary)Edit

Budapest (Hungary)Edit

Vienna (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Venice (Republic of Venice)Edit

Innsbruck (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Prague [Czechoslovakia] (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Breslau (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Magdeburg (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Hamburg (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Frankfurt (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Nuremburg (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Staufen (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Bern [Switzerland] (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Nuremburg (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Innsbruck (The Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Genoa (Milan)Edit

Milan (Milan)Edit

Bologna (The Papal States)Edit

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