The Member's Club is a building in Napoleon: Total War.


Places of secrecy, member's clubs help generate spies and improve the happiness of all social classes.

A member's club is a sanctuary, a place to escape everyday life and spend some time with like-minded fellows. They are also quiet, private places, where secrets can be shared and deals done out of sight of others. They are, in fact, breeding grounds for intrigue, gossip, and double-dealing, making them the perfect breeding ground for unsavoury spies.

Historically, member's clubs first appeared in London towards the end of the 18th century. They were highly exclusive in their early years and provided the upper classes with somewhere to gamble, technically an illegal pastime. However, gambling was the least of many evils practised in these clubs. Perhaps the most infamous of these societies was the Hellfire Club, originally established in London in 1719 by the Duke of Wharton, simply for the purposes of debauchery. In 1735, the Irish Hellfire Club was established, and went on to outdo its predecessor in as many foul ways as possible. These included paying defrocked priests to perform mock Catholic masses, sacrificing cats to Satan and, allegedly, on one occasion offering up a dwarf in a diabolic sacrifice. To this day, no one is entirely sure why a dwarf was considered appropriate.


Needs 500 gold and 3 turns. Can be upgraded into Secret Society.

Member's Club NTW
  • +1 happiness (all classes)
  • Spawns spies. Maximum number: +1
  • 4% chance per turn to spawn a spy

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