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Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms is the expansion to the 2006 PC game, Medieval II: Total War. The expansion was released on August 28, 2007 in the United States and has four new campaigns, focusing on: Colonialisation of the Americas, 13th century Britain, the Crusader Campaigns in the Levant and Teutonic Crusade in Northern Europe.

  • Americas Campaign - 7 playable factions (Spain, The Aztecs, Mayans, Apachean Tribes, Chichimeca, Tlaxcalans and Tarascans) on a map of the New World stretching from Honduras to Texas. In this the apcheans tripes can lanch a warpath. Spain has to upgrade a city  to get spanish infantry.
  • Britannia Campaign - 5 playable factions (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Norway) on a map of the British Isles. In this campaign there are permant forts on the map. There are great generals.Howaever,at a certain time the faction will get a great army. For example Scotland gets their amy when they lose two cities. 
  • Crusades Campaign - 5 playable factions (Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch, Egypt, Turkey, Byzantium) on a map of Egypt, the Levant and Anatolia. In this great generals come with piety. The islam countries can lanch a jihad. Venice will appear on the map after the fourth carsade has arrived. 
  • Teutonic Campaign - 4 playable factions (Teutonic Order, Lithuania, Denmark, Novgorod), and 2 unlockable (Poland and the Holy Roman Empire) on a map of northeastern Europe from eastern Germany to Russia. Denmark can from the Kalmar Union. When they do so they get some Norwegean units. 

On each of the expansions, a small part of the world map is taken (e.g Britain) and many settlements are added to it. Whereas Britain in the main game has a total of 7 castles or cities, the Britannia Campaign contains many more. There are many new units and maps.

New FeaturesEdit

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New features include: 4 campaigns about different parts of the world, New factions for each campaign,New units for each Campaign and some different UIs. There are 110 new units and 7 new mutiplayer maps.


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