For the cut faction in Empire: Total War, see Mecklenburg (Empire: Total War).



Mecklenburg is a minor faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Mecklenburg almost immediately forms an alliance with its northern neighbor, Denmark, and borders Prussian Brandenburg, Cleves-Mark and Pomerania to the East and South, with Oldenburg to the West. Mecklenburg is fairly weak, with a limited roster and scant resources. Conversely, however, it is a lucrative early target for Prussia to attack thanks to its small military presence, initial lack of allies, and especially its port.

Despite not having an alliance with Sweden, Mecklenburg has a small Swedish army stationed within its borders at the beginning of the campaign. It tends to form an alliance with Prussia later in the campaign.

Unit RosterEdit

Mecklenburg has a very small unit roster, with basic artillery, one type of line infantry, militia, skirmishers, and only one type of basic cavalry. It lacks grenadiers, light infantry, elite infantry, and cavalry variety. It has the standard minor faction artillery and naval roster.


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