The Manufactory is a type of building in Napoleon: Total War.


A manufactory adds to industrial wealth in a region and makes the recruitment of artillery units cheaper.

A manufactory creates goods on a large scale. Although this creates new jobs in the local area it has a negative effect on the happiness of the lower classes. The mechanical and repetitive nature of the work produces harsh working conditions. Gone are the days when master craftsmen could take pride in their efforts; instead, men tend machines, or do a single task over and over again.

A "manufactory" was distinguished from having a "factory" because goods of some kind were made there, rather than being traded. Every type of item that could be made was eventually turned out by a manufactory somewhere: pottery, cloth, iron, weapons, and so forth. With better transport by canal and river, it also became possible for towns to specialise in the making of a single type of product: Nottingham in England produced enormous quantities of lace, while Northampton, a little to the south, became a centre of shoe manufacture. Wherever coal could be easily mined, there appeared great mills and filthy towns of workers' slums.


Requires empty commercial town slot and 1,200 gold, takes 4 turns to build. Alternatively, can convert from a Gunsmith for the same price and turns. Can be upgraded into Factory.

Manufactory NTW

Manufactories occupy the same slots as Gunsmiths. Whereas gunsmiths reduce infantry recruitment costs, manufactories produce region wealth and reduce artillery training costs. Even if a region produces infantry non-stop with gunsmiths, manufactories are superior in terms of wealth creation. Being the first-tier in the manufactory line of buildings, manufactories are relatively cheap to build and pay for themselves fairly quickly, but have low long-term benefits compared to their upgraded versions. 

Assuming the standard tax rate, the building generates 75-137 gold per turn (depending on the level of the administrative building in the region, if any), taking 13-20 turns to pay for itself (including build time).

Having at least one manufactory is required to access the industrial technology tree.

The Peninsular CampaignEdit

In The Peninsular Campaign, manufactories require 500 gold and 2 turns to build.

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