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Mamelukes Flag

Mamelukes Flag

Mamelukes are a faction in Napoleon: Total War. They appear only in the Egyptian Campaign.

General InformationEdit

The Mamelukes are France's most immediate enemy in the Egyptian Campaign. they control the lands along the Nile as well as the Sinai region, and are relatively easy to subdue as their unit roster is very weak and most of their lands are not affected by heat attrition.

The Mamelukes are allied with the Ottoman Empire, though they usually receive next to no assistance from their ally. Should they be destroyed, the Mamelukes may reemerge if they have a successful rebellion in one of their initial regions.

Mamelukes are unusual as a faction in that they are the only faction that's normally non-playable to feature in a historical battle, the Battle of the Pyramids.


The Mamelukes have a very poor and limited roster, consisting mostly of low-quality militia and mobs. They have one type of very poor light infantry, Azzars at their disposal, as well as a farely useful type of light cavalry, also named Mamelukes

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