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The Mamelukes are a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It is an emergent nation in the Grand Campaign, while it is already established at the beginning of the fourth episode of the Road to Independence campaign.

General InformationEdit

Mamelukes can rise with a successful rebellion in the regions of Egypt or Mesopotamia. As both of these are relatively wealthy regions, Mamelukes can become quite prosperous.

Unit rosterEdit

Mamelukes have a similar unit roster to that of the Ottoman Empire. Along with the Ottoman Empire, Mamelukes are the only faction that can recruit the excellent Nizam troops, making their roster superior to almost every other Middle-Eastern faction. They also benefit from the more powerful, cheaper, and more easily available Ottoman artillery roster. However, they do not benefit whatsoever from the Special Forces & Bonus Content or Elite Units of the East DLC.

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