Macedonian Cavalry
Macedonian Cavalry
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Heavy Cavalry
Weapon(s) Spear
Soldiers in each unit 54
Attack skill 8
Charge bonus 6
Hitpoints 1
Armor 11
Defense skill 6
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Can form wedge; Good morale; Good stamina
Cost 690
Upkeep 160

Macedonian cavalry are armoured spear-armed horsemen capable of delivering a decisive blow. They wear armour and carry swords but do not have shields, so they are not necessarily at their best in prolonged close combat. However, when used to repeatedly charge enemy units they can have a tremendous cumulative effect.

The Macedonians have a fine tradition of horsemanship, unlike their southerly Greek neighbours, a legacy of having a large land-owning aristocracy who could affort to keep horses, unlike the farm-owning society of Greece that produced hoplites.