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Macedon is a sub-faction of the Successor Kingdom faction featured in Total War: Rome II. Hailing from the great military of Alexander, Macedon was the leader of military tactics. The feared Pezhetairos, Hetairoi, and Hyspastist changed the landscape of warfare. Macedon can field the sturdy Foot Pikeman, the powerful Companion Cavalry, and the Shield Bearer.

Faction BonusesEdit

Successor Kingdoms Faction Bonus:

Alexander's Legacy: -20% resistance to foreign occupation

Successor Conflicts: +10% morale for all units when fighting Hellenic factions.

Hellenstic Culture: Shares culture with Factions: Macedon, Seleucid, Athens, Sparta, Epirus, and Pontus. Shares culture with Sub-Factions: Pergamon, Ardiai.

Sub-Faction BonusEdit

Antigonid Dynasty: The Macedonians can trace their heritage beyond Alexander the Great into the mists of antiquity. Who else has a history of such greatness, both mortal and divine? As a warlike nation, where every boy dreams of being a hero and becoming a legend, the Macedonians are a ferocious people and scornful of weakness. Their greatest minds are experts in military and civil arts, and can outwit almost any war leader. Having conquered the world under Alexander, who dares stop them doing so again?

Hellenic Rivalry: Major diplomatic penalty with all Hellenic factions (cultural aversion)

Commercial Contract Leases: +10% wealth from industrial buildings

Barbarian Subduers: +10% morale when fighting barbarian tribes.

Other Families: The Synedrio is a small governing and advisory council of the most eminent Greek nobles, picked by the king himself. Sometimes its membership is expanded by admitting city representatives as well.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

Macedon! The birthplace of Alexander the Great! The home of world-conquering glory! All lesser nations should tremble at the name, but now Macedon is a shadow of what was and, perhaps the seed of what could be. Can a new Alexander return Macedon to her rightful glory?

Starting RegionsEdit

Pella, Pulpudeva








The Macedonian kings are served by their agents: the Royal Spy (Spy), Hero (Champion), and Noblewomen (Dignitary).

Technology TreeEdit

Macedonian: Military

Logistics: Unlocks recruiting Champions.

  • Management: Lowers recruitment cost, upkeep costs, and increases military replenishment rate.
  • Tactics: Improves military morale, attack, defense, movement, missile attack. Increases campaign movement range.
  • Siege: Improves sieging tactics, lowers attrition, and lowers siege unit costs.

Macedonian: Civil

Land Reclamation: Increases wealth from agriculture and reduces construction costs.

  • Economy: Increases wealth from agriculture, commerce, and tariffs. Increases food produced.
  • Construction: Lowers construction time, cost. Increases wealth from industry. Reduces constrction costs.
  • Philosophy: Increases tax rates, public order, cultural conversion. Improves agent actions. Lowers corruption.


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