is a minor nation in Empire: Total War. It is a French protectorate. It shares many units with its protector nation. It may join the French if the player captures Iroquois territory, Algonquin territory (owned by the Iroquois Confederacy), and Cherokee territory (owned by the Cherokee Nations).

Should France be destroyed before it annexes Louisiana, Louisiana can remain independent until destroyed by another faction. Like other default protectorates, Louisiana automatically becomes France's protectorate again, should France declare independence.

General InformationEdit

Louisiana is a very weak faction that rarely, if ever, fields a formidable army. As it is usually automatically eliminated by becoming part of France in the early game, it rarely plays a major role in the Grand Campaign.

As with the Thirteen Colonies and New Spain, Louisiana cannot emerge from any territories and is permanently eliminated from the Grand Campaign after it is either taken over by France or destroyed.

Unit RosterEdit

Louisiana's roster is very similar to France's, including TirailleursInfanterie Petit-Vieux, and Infanterie Vieux. However, as these powerful units can either only be trained in France itself or are late-game units, Louisiana very rarely has the opportunity to field them.


The regions they control are:

  • Fort Chartes, Upper Louisiana
  • New Orleans, Lower Louisiana
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