The Logging Camp is a type of resource building in Napoleon: Total War.


Forests are a vital strategic, as well as economic resource and make construction and ship building cheaper.

Buildings require large amounts of wood both in the structure and during the building process as scaffolding. Logging camps reduces [sic] the cost of other construction work, as timbers are cut and prepared centrally with great precision and speed. This building also makes an important contribution to the industrial wealth of the region.

Apart from its obvious uses in construction and as a fuel, timber is also vital for shipbuilding. All vessels of the period are entirely wooden, and need hundreds of tons and many kinds of good quality timber each: building a logging camp should make the construction of all ships marginally cheaper.

Historically, the forests around the Baltic were an extremely useful strategic resource, as they became an excellent source of the trees needed for masts and yards for the British Royal Navy. By their nature, masts need tall trees! This need meant that the British interfered, almost constantly, with Baltic affairs. Other types of timber became important cash crops, such as mahogany found in the Far East, prized for its strength and beauty.


Logging Camp NTW
Requires a lumber construction spot, 600 gold and 3 turns. Can be upgraded to Lumber Mill.
  • -3% recruitment cost for all naval units in this region
  • +75 to region wealth
  • -10% to cost of constructing buildings in this region

Logging camps grant a significant decrease to the cost of constructing other buildings in their region, potentially save thousands of gold in the long run, easily justifying their cheap cost. Building logging camps before making significant investments in regions that have them ensures that they are used to their full potential. The wealth they generate by themselves are unremarkable, but they aren't too expensive to build, either. Spending just 6,000 gold in a region on buildings ensures that lumber camps pay for themselves, but for those who are willing to wait a little longer, Lumber Mills are fairly cheap and provide an even larger discount. Takes 16-30 turns to pay for itself using just region wealth.

Logging camps and their upgraded variants also grant a discount to building ships in their region. The more expensive ships cost thousands of gold, so a 3% discount can be significant when building large numbers of ships. While logging camps aren't too rare, very few regions have access to both a port(s) and a logging camp; thus, most regions can't take advantage of the cheaper naval unit cost.

The discount provided by the logging camp and its variants do not apply for the unique buildings of each faction, such as Nelson's Column, the Minin Monument, and the Siegessäule. It also does not affect the price of Stables or their upgrades.

The Peninsular CampaignEdit

In The Peninsular Campaign, logging camps require 300 gold and 2 turns to build.

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