List of Dignitary Skills and Traits

Dignitary ActionsEdit

Settlement Disruption Tactics

  • Spread Cultural Tension: Increases public order penalties from foreign cultures in the target province. Ineffective where there are no foreign cultures present.
  • Buy-off Merchants: Impedes commerce in the target settlement.
  • Spread Cultural Propaganda: Zealously spreads your culture within the target province. Ineffective where your culture is already dominant. Increases cultural presence by 20% next turn.

General Assassination Actions

  • Hire Assassins: Kills the target character by putting a bounty on their head.
  • Betrayal: Kills the target character after betraying their trust.
  • Provocation: Kills the target character in self-defense, having coaxed them into attacking.

Military Disruption Actions*

  • Undermine Authority: Reduces the authority of the target army's general.
  • Mislead Command: Reduces the cunning of the target army's general.
  • Threat of Destruction: Reduces the zeal of the target army's general.

*General attributes cannot be reduced below 1.

Provincial Actions

  • Administration (Friendly/Toggle): Advises local officials, thereby increasing tax rates while helping protect local settlements against authoritarian agent actions. Also increases public order.
  • Corruption (Unfriendly/Toggle): Corrupts local officials, thereby diminishing tax rates. The disruptions in government also leave local settlements vulnerable to authoritarian agent actions.

Army Accompaniment

  • Military Administration: Increases the authority of the parent army's general and reduces upkeep costs.

Dignitary (Total War: Rome II)

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