Champion ActionsEdit

Settlement Subversion Actions

  • Rally Slaves: Intensifies servile disorder in the target settlement, leading it towards a slave revolt. Ineffective where there is no slave unrest.
  • Raid: Causes minor damage across the target settlement and reduces the local slave population.
  • Assault Garrison: Inflicts major damage upon a single local garrison unit in the target settlement. Choose a unit to assault.

General Assassination Actions

  • Single Combat: Challenges the target character to a "fair and honorable" fight to the death.
  • Marksmanship: Kills the target character from afar before they have a chance to react.
  • Slaughter: Kills the character through swift and merciless brutality.

Military Subversion Actions

  • Show of Force: Reduces the morale and charge bonus of all units in the target army.
  • Harass: Impedes the melee and ranged combat potential of all units in the target army.
  • Assault Patrol: Inflicts considerable damage against a specific unit in the target army. Choose a unit to assault.

Provincial Actions

  • Military Fervor (Friendly/Toggle): Brings word of glorious battles and great victories, thereby inspiring the local populace. This rise in military fervor also helps protect local settlements from zealous agent actions.
  • Guerrilla Action (Unfriendly/Toggle): Wreaks despair amongst the populace with small-scale military actions. The struggle to maintain order also leaves local settlements vulnerable to zealous agent actions.

Army Accompaniment

  • Military Training: Increases the zeal of the parent army's general and progressively increases the experience of all its units..

Champion (Total War: Rome II)

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