A list of Agents in the game Shogun: Total War.






Main article: Emissary (Shogun: Total War)

An emissary plays the role of a diplomat. Once a turn the Emissary can attempt to bribe an enemy Taisho to join your faction, the chances of success depend on the Emissaries experience rating. The Emissary parallels with the diplomat and gentleman roles in later Total War games.

Recruited from Tea Houses.


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The shinobi is a spy loyal to your faction. Like rakes and spies in other total war games the shinobi acts as an spy, you learn the settlement details and unit information of the region he is in. Unlike spies in the total war games shinobis don t have to power to sabotage enemy buildings, they are however able to create unrest in an enemy province, a feature unique to the shinobi.

Recruited from Tea House.


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Ninja have all the abilities of a shinobi but also have the ability to assassinate enemy taishos and agents. Their role parallels with that of rakes and assassins in following games.

Ninjas were formed from bandit clans sometime in the 10th century. These bandits mastered the arts of combat and warfare in the form of what we call ninjutsu, ninja art. Though there common use as assassins is infrequent in history there use as mercenaries is what they were commonly used for. This is the reason why they also appear as units.

Recruited from Ninja Houses.


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A more advanced form of Ninja. Geisha are like ninjas in almost every way, Geisha have a much better chance of killing enemy agents than Ninjas.

The role of Geisha in Shogun Total War could be considered a historical inaccuracy. Geisha, for most of Japans history, were merely entertainers. Their roles as assassins or involvement in the political sphere at all are nonexistent, a thing of legend.

Recruited from Geisha Houses.


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Priests are Shogun Total Wars only religious unit. Priests are the agents created to deal with civil unrest caused by Buddhist and Shinto populations should the player chose to opt for Christianity. They replace emissaries and have the same effects as them except for being able to reduce civil unrest in your own regions.

Priests came to Japan from the Europe in the middle ages as missionaries of faith. In the 16th Century, Dutch and Portuguese traders brought Protestantism and Catholicism to Japan. Usually in return for their trade services European missionaries were given free entry to Japan much to the dislike of many of the native faiths, clashes were quite common.

Recruited from Churches (Shogun: Total War).