Light Lancers (Macedon)
Macedonian Light Lancers
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Light Cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance; Sword
Soldiers in each unit 54
Attack skill 7
Charge bonus 9
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 5
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Can form wedge; Good morale; Powerful charge; Fast moving
Cost 370
Upkeep 140

Light lancers are fast, lightly equipped cavalrymen who rely on hit-and-run charges where the killing power of their lances are maximised. Although they have cavalry swords for close quarters fighting, a lack of armour means once the melee becomes protracted they are susceptible to enemy counterattacks: slugging it out with heavy forces is not sensible for these soldiers. Rather, these men should operate on the periphery of battles where they can ride down enemy skirmishers and missile troops. They can be thrown into the heart of the fighting if necessary, or when a weakened unit's flank or rear can be attacked.