Levy Pikemen (Macedon)
Macedonian Levy Pikemen
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Phalanx Infantry
Weapon(s) Sarissa; Short sword
Soldiers in each unit 120
Attack skill 6
Charge bonus 2
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 3
Shield bonus 2
Special abilities Can form phalanx; Bonus fighting cavalry; Poor morale; Very long spears; Can sap
Cost 310
Upkeep 150

As war approaches, peasants, farmers and down-at-heel townsfolk can find themselves pressed into service as pikemen by their rulers. Due to their lack of armour they are best used as defensive infantry, absorbing enemy attacks, or screening the flanks of the main line.

Equipped with a long pike some 6m in length (the sarissa) many ranks can bring their weapons to bear on an enemy, presenting a bristling array of spearheads to an approaching foe. They also carry swords for use when the enemy breaks through the pike line.

Altough training is practically non-existent, as inheritors of the hoplite tradition levy pikemen can manoeuvre in a phalanx formation. But with no armour other than the small shields strapped to their left arms, under pressure these levied troops are liable to suffer heavy casualties.[[Category:Phalanx units]