The Large Star Fort is a type of fort in Napoleon: Total War.


Star forts are massive defensive works, making any assault a truly terrifying prospect for the attackers.

These fortifications surround a town's approaches, protecting it from assault. The scale of the defences allows a settlement to hold out for longer when under siege. The star-shaped plan of the fort means fire should cover every part of the defence and the approaches to the fort. The attackers face an uphill struggle across the fort's glacis, with no cover at all, with a counterscarp, or ditch, waiting for them.

Historically, and providing that money was no object, a star fort could become a baroque and complex maze of artillery fire and death. An assiduous military engineer could add additional ravelins, or detached triangular bastions, in front of the fort's own walls; and hornworks and crownworks, both elaborations of the basic bastion design, to the fort as well. The only limit to the defences was a practical one of artillery and musket range: no wall could be longer than a flanking musket volley range, or blind spots in the defences might be created.


Requires Small Star Fort.

Large Star Fort NTW
  • Surrounds city approaches with a ring of star forts, protecting it from assault

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