Langobards Faction Card
Leader(s) Lethuc
Capital Areglia
Culture Barbarian Germanic
Religion(s) Germanic Paganism
Emerges in 395 AD
Appears in Total War: Attila
The Langobards are a playable faction in Total War: Attila. They belong to the Longbeards Culture Pack DLC.


It is the destiny of the Langobards to stand atop the corpses of their enemies, and forge order from the chaos!

Their origins are steeped in legend, as the small, noble Winnili tribe, who first encountered the hostile Vandals during their migration away from Hunnic carnage in eastern Europe. Though outnumbered, the Winnili chose to die free rather than live in servitude; even their women fought, tying their hair down across their faces to appear as men and swell their ranks on the battlefield. Their god, Godan – also called Odin - declared he would give victory to the tribe he saw first on the day of battle and, seeing the women warriors, asked “Who are these long beards?” and awarded them victory; the Winnili since becoming known as the 'Langobards'.

Although the location of their homeland is somewhat less clear, as their history is marked by dramatic migration, the Langobards now live along the River Elbe. Led by their king, who shares power with his people whenever possible, they are a determined tribe who have weathered many storms to achieve greatness. Their history is marked by struggle, bloody conflict and dark times – and their future doubtless holds more of the same - yet the Langobards will emerge victorious, with renewed strength, to face anything the gods can throw at them!

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

New KingdomsEdit

"Nations are merely lines on a map. The true Kingdom is endless."

  • +200% conversion cost of the main chain
  • +200% conversion time of the main chain
  • Building conversion rate: -50%

Faction TraitsEdit

Godan's ChosenEdit

"Our benefactor’s furious hand, made flesh."

  • Emancipators: Doubled unit replenishment when taking on defeated troops post-battle.
  • The Fury of Our Maker's Hand: +10 unit morale when fighting against armies of other religions.

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Germanic BandGermanic NoblesGermanic WarbandGodan's ChosenGodan's WarlordGodansmenHorse SlayersHorse Hewers Langobard ClubmenNoble Germanic SwordsmenRedoubtable ChieftainScaled ClubmenYoung Wolves
Spear Infantry Germanic LevyGermanic Spear MastersGermanic Spearmen
Missile Infantry Elite Germanic ArchersGermanic ArchersGermanic BowsGermanic BrigandsGermanic CrossbowmenGermanic HuntersGermanic Hurlers
Melee Cavalry Germanic HorsemenGermanic Mounted WarbandNoble Germanic HorsemenTaifali Cavalry
Shock Cavalry Germanic Lancers
Missile Cavalry Germanic Mounted BrigandsGermanic Night RaidersGermanic Raiders
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion OnagerLarge Onager

Starting PositionEdit



  • Aregelia
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