For the similarly-named Empire: Total War technology, see Steam-Pumped Land Drainage.

Land Drainage
Land Drainage NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed 80
Building Needed Manufactory
Leads To None
Stream Industrial
  • +10% wealth generated by farms
Land Drainage is an industrial technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Draining marshy and low-lying land for agricultural purposes improves soil and crop yields for all farming.

Land drainage can provide new land that can be cultivated, and protect existing farmland from flooding. Marshy landscapes can be tamed, and rivers diverted to make way for productive and profitable farmland. This land reclamation and improvement gives a higher output from all farms, and provides more food.

Historically, the Dutch were experts on drainage using windmills to distribute water into high channels where it could flow away; this is hardly surprising given their country’s low-lying landscape. Of course, drainage was at the mercy of the wind, and developments in steam power in the late eighteenth century led to the technology being applied to drainage. The steam engine would pump as long as it had water and fuel. Indeed, stationary steam engines were first used to pump water out of mines in Britain, allowing miners to excavate deeper than before, but the principles of raising water were exactly the same for a land drainage scheme.

General InformationEdit

While farms don't generate as much wealth as commercial or industrial buildings, they are commonly found in most regions. so a 10% boost in their wealth can be significant as a whole. As this technology is available in the early game, its long term benefits can be quite large.

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