Kuki Yoshitaka
Kuki Yoshitaka
Kuku Yoshitaka
Appears in Total War: Shogun 2
Rank General
Faction Oda Mon Oda Clan
Birth 1542
Family Kuki

Kuki Yoshitaka was a naval commander of the Oda Clan and the Toyotomi Clan. He was famed for defeating the Mori Clan in the naval Battle of Kawanakajima with the specially-constructed O Ataka Bune.

Historical InformationEdit

In the 1570s, Kuki allied himself with Oda Nobunaga, and commanded his fleet, supporting land-based attacks on the Ikko Ikki. In 1574, his aided ensured a victory for Nobunaga in his third attempt to attack the Nagashima fortress. In 1576, he was defeated at Kizugawaguchi by the Mori Clan fleet, but 1578 brought victory in the second Battle of Kizugawaguchi, in which Kuki used 'iron ships' to repel the arrows and musket balls of the opposing Mōri clan's ships.

In 1587, he led Toyotomi Hideyoshi's fleet in a campaign in Kyushu, alongside Konishi Yukinaga, Wakizaka Yasuharu and Kato Yoshiaki. Three years later, along with Wakizaka Yasuharu and Kato Yoshiaki he went on to lead the Siege of Odawara and the Siege of Shimoda. He continued in his role as commander of Hideyoshi's fleet, launching an invasion of Korea in 1592 from his flagship Nipponmaru.

In the Battle of Sekigahara, Kuki Yoshitaka fought alongside the Toyotomi forces, while his son Kuki Moritaka joined the opposing force, under Tokugawa Ieyasu. As a result, he committed seppuku.

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