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The Knights of St. John are a minor unplayable faction in Empire Total War.

The non-expansionist Knights of St. John control only Malta and the waters around the island in the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of Empire: Total War. They are capable of resisting the Ottoman Empire in the east and the Barbary States in the south. They are deeply unfriendly with the Muslim factions in the area.

Starting StatusEdit

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade Partners – None
  • Enemies – Barbary States, Pirates
  • Religion – Catholic
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler –Ramon I (Grand Master)
  • Population – 64,216
  • Prosperity - Destitute
  • Prestige – Feeble
  • Treasury – 7500
  • Technology – None
  • Gentlemen – None
  • Missionaries – None
  • Rakes – None

Capital CityEdit

Valleta, MaltaEdit

  • Starting Buildings – Military Governor’s Encampment
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 64,216
  • Wealth – 2625
  • Religion – Catholicism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/Ports – Marsaxlokk (Shipyard)
  • Later Villages/Ports – None

General InformationEdit

The Knights of St. John have the full European unit roster, but rarely has the opportunity to use most of it as its A.I nearly always restricts it to staying on its island. It usually builds one formidable fleet that patrols the Mediterranean. 


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