Knechten (Teutonic Order)
Appears in Kingdoms
Belongs to Teutonic Order
Type Light cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance
Soldiers in each unit 30
Attack skill 7
Charge bonus 5
Hitpoints 1
Armor 3
Defense skill 5
Shield bonus 5
Special abilities Combat bonus in snow; Good morale
Cost 590


Knechten tend to the needs of Teutonic Knights and their steeds, acting as squires in most regards. While they may primarily take on the role of a servant, this does not rule them out of playing a part in battle. As Knechten are lightly armored and forgo a heavy lance, they are capable of moving with a swiftness their masters lack.


The Knechten are the only fast light cavalry available to the Teutonic Knights, best used to kill ranged units like archers and horse archers and killing as many routing enemy units after a battle has been won. Their poor armor makes them highly unsuitable in prolonged melee battles against infantry or powerful heavy cavalry and they will take heavy losses. A Teutonic army should have at least 2 of these units in their ranks.

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