Katana Samurai S2TW Icon
Katana Samurai
Katana Samurai S2TW
Type Katana Infantry
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Attack skill 12
Charge bonus 15
Anti-Cavalry Skill 0
Armour 5
Defense skill 4
Morale 10
Produced from ???
Cost 750
Upkeep 150
Turns to Train 2
Unit Cap None

Katana Samurai are a type of katana infantry in Total War: Shogun 2.


These are elite heavy infantry armed with katana; expertly crafted two-handed swords that are a perfect combination of sharpness and resilience.

Katana samurai are an elite heavy infantry unit. They form part of the main line in battle, charging forward to engage the enemy in close combat. The katana is a very effective melee weapon. Its incredibly sharp blade easily cuts through enemies, while the flat deflects enemy blows.

A samurai goes into battle accepting death and fearing little, which gives him excellent morale. Accepting death and foolishly risking your life for no purpose are not the same thing, and katana samurai must be wary of threats from cavalry and missile troops, against which they have little defence.

The katana sword is the weapon most readily associated with the samurai. Its elegant, curved single blade is created from many folded layers of high carbon steel (that can take a sharp edge but is brittle), and low carbon steel (that is tough but relatively soft and prone to blunting). By combining both metals, the katana manages to be tough and retain a razor sharp edge.

Historically, the katana was made to be used as a two-handed sword, the sharp edge of the blade would cut into an enemy and the momentum of the samurai’s blow would carry it through their body, often killing in one deft movement. It was a sword used for cutting rather than thrusting. A shield was not necessary, as the sword could be used to parry and deflect an enemy’s strikes using the flat of the blade, without fear of it breaking.

General InformationEdit

These troops wield katanas, excellent anti-infantry weapons. These Samurai have good armour and have average defence and can withstand prolonged melee but, due to their lack of a bonus against cavalry, are highly vulnerable against them--particularly if charged from the flanks or rear.

Pros: Melee unit,Excellent against Ashigaru Units,Average Melee,Average Defence,Used to fight against other Katana Samurai unit and Any other infantry

Cons:Vulnerable to Cavalry Charges

Effectively Beats:Yari Ashigaru,Yari Samurai,Bow Ashigaru,Bow Samurai,Loan Sword Ashigaru

Equal To:Naginata Samurai,Naginata Warrior Monks,No Dachi Samurai,Light Cavalry,Yari Ronin

Loses To: Yari Cavalry,Matchlock Unit,Katana Ronin,Bow Warrior Monks,Fire Bomb Throwers

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