Jutes Faction Card
Leader(s) Getwulf
Capital Alabu
Culture Barbarian Germanic
Religion(s) Germanic Paganism
Emerges in 395 AD
Appears in Total War: Attila
The Jutes are a faction in Total War: Attila that is made playable with the Vikings Forefathers DLC, which could have either been pre-ordered with the game or bought for $7.99 after the game release. 


The ocean laps the coasts of Juteland, summoning its inhabitants to new adventures and conquests.

As such, the Juti have always been the most intrepid of the Norse-speaking peoples, looking to distant shores or clashing over the sparse northern lands. Accordingly, they are in the perfect position to profit from the slow collapse of Roman Britannia, and relentlessly plunder its coast as its defenders dwindle in number.

The Juti leadership use the spoils of their raids to make exquisite, prestige goods. Should the Juti succeed in conquering Britannia, many more will no doubt be forged. A successful conquest would be a great undertaking, and one requiring them to draw on the very depths of their fortitude.

To drive out the remaining Romans, subdue the belligerent locals, and foil the ambitions of their Saxon neighbours who also covet this green and pleasant land – the Juti have vowed no less!

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Viking RaidersEdit

"Fire and war is all some men know, and so it becomes them."

  • +250% conversion cost of the main chain
  • +200% conversion time of the main chain
  • Income: +75% from sacking, looting and raiding

Faction TraitsEdit


"Destruction is its own art – a fleeting, momentary beauty."

  • Extra income for every enemy unit destroyed.
  • Income: +200% from razing settlements

Unit RosterEdit

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Melee Cavalry Nordic Horse LordsNordic Horse RaidersNordic Mounted RaidersViking Raider Cavalry
Missile Cavalry Nordic Raiders
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion OnagerLarge Onager

Starting PositionEdit



  • Alabu


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