For other factions associated with Italy, see Italy. For the similarly named faction in Napoleon: Total War, see Kingdom of Italy (Napoleon: Total War).

Italy Flag NTW
Italy is an emergent faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Italy emerges if Milan, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venetia, and/or Nice has a successful rebellion or is liberated. No other faction can emerge from as many regions. As all of these regions either have a port or a gold mine, and many have wine resources, Italy is bound to become fairly wealthy if it is not destroyed soon after it emerges.


Below is a list of grievances/friendships other factions have with Italy if it emerges. This list is exhaustive; factions that are not listed do not have friendships or grievances (they are neutral).

France Wurttemberg Batavian Republic Bavaria Belgium Brittany Catalonia Hessen
-20 -35 +35 -80 -35 -35 -35 -35
Hungary Ireland Kingdom of Italy Papal States Portugal Saxony Switzerland Westphalia
-35 -35 -120 -35 -35 +40 -35 -35


Like most other emergent factions, Italy has a very small unit roster, consisting of one type each of line infantry, light infantry, grenadiers, and militia, as well as a small selection of cavalry and artillery. It has the standard ship roster for minor factions.


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