The Italian Campaign in Napoleon: Total War is the first campaign available in the story mode. It is set in Northern Italy during the War of the Second Coalition in 1796. It is required to unlock the Egyptian Campaign.

France is the only playable faction in singleplayer. In multiplayer, both France and Austria are available.


The new, revolutionary Republic of France is under threat from all the old reactionary nations of Europe! It is clear that there are no options other than war, and the utter ruination of France is the only aim of Austria and France's other enemies. The Austrians are motivated by fear: they fear their own people will follow the same revolutionary path.

The Austrians can be confronted in Germany and northern Italy. Austria's possessions in Italy are ready for liberation! The other states of Italy are watching, but should not be able to stand against the righteous anger of the French people!

General "Napoleone di Buonaparte", in charge of the Army of Italy's artillery, has been appointed to command the entire army. It is his duty to hold onto France's territory in the Italian peninsular. That is, however, an ambitious and skilful man and he plans to drive the Austrians out of Italy and back to the gates of Vienna.

Opening Narration

Napoleon total war Italian campaign intro

Napoleon total war Italian campaign intro

Some men live a simple life, while others have a fire that threatens to engulf the world. I do not know when the fire in Napoleon first burned. Perhaps he had always had a destiny. But sometimes destiny can use a little help, or even a revolution. The old ways were drowned in a tide of blood. A man could be whatever he wanted, if he could weather the storm. In 1796, Napoleon was sent to command the Army of Italy. We knew that Austria would fight in Germany. We knew the Italian campaign had become pointless. Napoleon thought differently. That was his talent. "I will lead you through the most fertile plains in the world. You will find there honour, glory and riches!" he told us. The soldiers listened, but they didn’t believe. They had long been without hope, without glory.

Advisor Text

It is a crucial time in the war between France and the Coalition. With the majority of French forces engaging Austria in the Rhineland, you have been placed in command of the destitute Armée d’Italie near the French-Italian border. Faced with impending invasion from Austrian forces stationed in Italy, it is vital that you address your army’s dire situation and secure a foothold in the region before setting your sights on Austria itself; capture Klagenfurt and your forces will have a clear path to Vienna. The stronghold of Mantua may prove to be a challenging obstacle, although its seizure is vital if you hope to weaken the Austrian position in Italy. You will also face resistance from Austria’s Coalition ally, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. Subjugating this nation, along with any other Italian states that stand in your way, will ensure you sufficient resources to crush the Austrians and overthrow the Coalition once and for all.

Victory Narration

Napoleon total war Italian campaign ending

Napoleon total war Italian campaign ending

We cheered his name. We cheered for France. For victory. Because we had lived. Now we trusted him. We were the Little Corporal’s soldiers. The Austrians did not cheer. They feared this rustic Corsican. Their pride was stung: beaten by an uncouth man. Pride did not stop them making peace. For a time. "I foresaw what I might be," Napoleon said, "I felt the earth flee before me as if I was carried into the sky."


Victory ConditionsEdit

Capture and hold 6 regions by the end of your turn in Late December 1797, including: Alps-Maritime and Carinthia.

Basics at startEdit

  • ProtectoratesNone
  • AlliesNone
  • Trade PartnersNone
  • EnemiesAustria, Piedmont-Sardinia
  • Religion – Catholicism
  • Government – Republic
  • Ruler – Louis la Révellière-Lépeaux (President)
  • Population – 457,702
  • Wealth – Moderate
  • Power – Terrifying
  • Treasury – 3000
  • Technology - None (Disabled in this campaign)
  • Spies – None (Disabled in this campaign)
  • Gentlemen - None (Disabled in this campaign)
  • Generals - Jean-André Masséna (Alps-Maritime), Jean Sérurier (Alps Maritime), Napoleon Bonaparte (Liguria)
  • Admirals - None (Disabled in this campaign)


Nice, Alps-MaritimeEdit

  • Starting BuildingsTax Office, Cantonment
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 457,702
  • Wealth – 1102
  • Religion – 100.0% Catholicism
  • Starting Towns/PortsAntibes (Commercial Centre - Market)


Jean-André MassénaEdit

Jean SérurierEdit

Napoleon BonaparteEdit

The Italian Campaign serves as an introduction to the full campaigns of Napoleon: Total War. Certain features, such as technologies, agents, most of the building tree, government, and tax adjustment are absent, leaving the player free to focus on the basics of combat and management. The Italy Campaign is unique in its very short duration: the campaign allows play for only a maximum of 43 turns. This means that France must move fairly rapidly or face automatic loss from time limit.

Starting with just one faction in the far-westernmost reaches of the map, France initially faces Piedmont-Sardinia to the north and east. Piedmont-Sardinia ends hostilities and becomes France's protectorate with the fall of its capital. Austria is France's main rival and holds much of northern and north-eastern Italy. Venice declares war on France when its armies begin approaching its lands, as do the Papal States. The south-western Italian states, Tuscany and Lucca, usually remain neutral for most of the campaign, requesting an alliance in the late game.


France Diplomacy Map Ita NTW

Initial diplomacy map

France is initially unfriendly to hostile with most factions. Tuscany and Lucca are both fairly neutral, making them valuable trade partners or even allies in the long run. France's main concerns are hostile Piedmont-Sardinia, Venice, and Austria. Austria, the primary opponent of the campaign, cannot be negotiated with. 

Below is a chart of grievances and friendships other factions have toward France (factions that are not listed are neutral). Both positive and negative values diminish by 1 per turn over time.

Lucca The Papal States Venice
-50 -50 -95

Below is a chart of grievances and friendships Tuscany has toward other factions:

Lucca The Papal States Venice
-50 -50 -135


The Italy Campaign is also available for multiplayer. There are some differences in the map in terms of diplomacy and initial strength. Austria is playable in multiplayer. Its goal is the capture of Nice in the campaign.

Several factions are added to the map, including Genoa, Modena, and Parma. These factions occupy lands that belong to Piedmont-Sardinia and Austria in singleplayer, serving to make these factions relatively poorer. In addition, Venice is no longer automatically peaceful with Austria, and may indeed declare war on it.

Austria's early advantage in terms of regions held is tempered by some disadvantages. Its armies hold no edge in any area over their French counterparts. In addition, its light infantry and light cavalry (Grenzers and Hungarian Hussars, respectively) can only be trained in its capital region of Klagenfurt, significantly limiting their availability and replenishment rate on the world map. Should Austria be able to pacify Venice and consolidate its holdings in northern Italy quickly, however, it holds the economic advantage over France.

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