Ironclad NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Most factions
Crew 223
Guns 80 (38 on each side, 2 stern chasers, 2 bow chasers)
Firepower 2432
Range 450 (round shot)/300 (chain shot)/150 (grape shot)
Accuracy 50
Reloading skill 15
Hull strength 4360
Speed 17 (18)
Maneuverability Low
Morale 10
Tech requirement
Produced from Steam Drydock
Cost 3310
Upkeep 820
Turns to Train 10
Unit Cap None (SP)/2 (MP)
Ironclad NTW Icon
The Ironclad is a type of steam ship of the line in Napoleon: Total War.


This steamship carries an extra covering of iron plates, armouring the already strong wooden hull.

An ironclad is an incredibly tough ship, able to withstand pounding by almost any comparable vessel. A thick outer skin of iron is riveted to a conventional wooden hull, and the two layers can defeat most solid shot except at very close range. Combined with a steamship’s ability to ignore the wind and go where the captain wills, this makes an ironclad a formidable opponent. This power is not without risk, though, as a boiler explosion will rip out the heart of any steamship.

Historically, ironclads first saw action during the American Civil War (1861-65). During the Battle of Hampton Road CSS Virginia made short work of the wooden ships in the river, but an encounter next day with USS Monitor ended inconclusively, as neither ship could knock out the other. These vessels were not, however, the first ironclad warships; they were heavy river gunboats or monitors, and almost incapable of going to sea. The first ocean-going ironclad warships were HMS Warrior and the French Navy’s La Gloire, launched during yet another arms race between Britain and France. Warrior was launched specifically to steal French thunder and make their ship obsolete, being commissioned and built while the French vessel was still on the slipway.

General InformationEdit

Ironclads represent the most powerful ships in most rosters, boasting nearly unmatched hull strength, excellent speed, and devastating firepower. Their only weaknesses lie in their high cost and the lateness in which they may be acquired. Certain factions, such as France and Spain, have ships that have more firepower or more cannon; however, ironclads are unmatched in terms of hull strength except when compared to the Santissima Trinidad. They beat almost any ship in a head to head fight, and even fast ships may have difficulty evading them. Conversely, ironclads can easily outrun ships that bear more cannon, and even if they are trapped and outgunned, their hulls can take an apocalyptic beating before sinking. 

While ironclads are superior defensively, they are offensively nearly identical to 80-gun Steam Ships and 80-gun ships-of-the-line, which are cheaper to build and have fewer requirements.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed). Ironclads are unique in that they are the only ship type where Great Britain is inferior in an aspect: British ironclads have poorer accuracy than those of other factions. However, they are still arguably superior overall due to their better reloading, hull strength, and morale as well as their lower expense to train and maintain. Spanish Ironclads are also unique; while most Spanish ships are identical to their generic counterparts, Spanish Ironclads are cheaper, but suffer from poorer accuracy. 

Faction Accuracy Reloading Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
France 50 15 4360 18 10 3330 SP/4170 MP 830
Great Britain 40 25 4560 17 12 3160 SP/3950 MP 790
Spain 40 15 4360 17 10 3200 SP/4010 MP 800
General 50 15 4360 17 10 3310 SP/4150 MP 820
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