Imperial Household Bodyguard (Eastern Roman Empire)
Imperial Household Bodyguard (ERE)
Appears in Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Type Heavy Cavalry; Bodyguard
Weapon(s) Spear
Attack skill 11
Charge bonus 6
Hitpoints 2
Armor 12
Defense skill 10
Shield bonus 4
Special abilities Good morale; Good stamina

The Imperial Household Bodyguard is an elite force, equipped and trained to the highest standards, and loyal to the person of the Eastern Emperor. They are the perfect defenders of generals and family members on campaign.

These men are the "comites dominorum nostrorum" (the companions of our lords) or the "basilikon telos" in the Greek-speaking parts of the Empire, who are sworn to protect the persons of the Eastern Imperial household. The Praetorians were traditionaly the guardians of the Emperors, but they became overmighty and too willing to kill their employers for political and financial advantage. It was quite clear that an Emperor who wished to die of old age would have to disband the Praetorians and create a new military elite that would be loyal to him. Under the tetrarchy, the "comites dominorum nostrum" (the companions of our lords) came to fulfil many of the Praetorians' duties. Unlike the household guards in the Western Empire, foreigners are not the majority in their ranks.