Saxon Huscarls
Appears in Medieval II: Total War
Campaign Historical Battle Only
Type Heavy Infantry
Weapon(s) Dane BattleAxe
Soldiers in each unit 60
Attack skill 20
Charge bonus 6
Hitpoints 1
Armor 5
Defense skill 6
Shield bonus 0
Tech requirement Historical Battle Only
Produced from Historical Battle Only
Special abilities Effective against armour; Good morale; Good stamina; Combat bonus in woods or snow.
Cost 380
Upkeep Historical Battle Only

Huscarls are a type of melee infantry in Medieval II: Total War.

These Axe-wielding men are an elite body of professional troops loyal to royal families. Armed with a two-handed axe and mail they present stiff opposition to all who oppose them.


Huscarls, or Housecarls(lit. House Man) as they are commonly known now, served as the menservants of lesser Saxon Barons and Lords. They were the Saxon version of a house guard, the warriors that served a medieval royal house or clan. The units would have been lead by the house master, the baron himself, or a champion, usually a relative, in his stead. At the Battle of Hastings many of these men would have been gathered to fight since King Harold called upon the many lords of England to fight with him against the Norman and Dane armies.

Dane Style Battle AxeEdit

In the Bayeux tapestry and other historical depictions of the battle of Hastings the huscarls were depicted with Dane style Battle Axes. The Danish Battle Axe was a two handed early pole arm used as a crushing weapon by man High Germanic groups such as the Saxons and infamous Vikings at the time or era. The weapon would have ranged between one and half meters to almost two and a half meters and would have been used as a long bludgeon, effective against lightly armoured units and cavalry alike.

Trivia Edit

  • This unit only appears in the Battle of Hastings historical battle.

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