Huns Faction Card
Leader(s) Uldin
Capital none (Horde Mode)
Culture Nomadic Hunnic
Religion(s) Tengrism
Special abilities Horseman of the Apocalypse
Emerges in 395 AD
Protectorates Greuthungians, Gepids
Appears in Total War: Attila

The Huns are a nomadic tribal faction in Total War: Attila that come with the vanilla game. They are unique in that they can never settle without mods. 


The aura of terror surrounding the Huns is so great that their enemies are barely able to conceive that they are also human beings.

In truth, the Huns’ equine expertise is what makes them such formidable foes. In battle, their combination of ranged attacks and the speed with which they can cover ground is breathtaking – and terrifying – to behold. In this way, the Huns have swept into Europe and now threaten Rome itself.

However, they must act swiftly to turn this chaos into an empire. While their leaders’ arguments rage, the horde waits, paralyzed, for the arrival of a man. A man powerful enough to unite the Hunnic peoples and bind them to his singular will…

As the Huns travel across the landscape, they exact a terrible toll on those around them, snatching regional food supplies at will and undermining the enemy’s ability to replenish their armies. Hordes also become more loyal with each fresh declaration of war, and razing settlements brings fresh blood to their ranks. Needless to say, the Huns are fearsome warriors, and to Christian soldiers in particular, they are a monstrous and demoralizing force to face on the field of battle.

In Game AnnouncementEdit

"Hailing from the eastern steppes, yours is a life of constant movement and conflict. Your arrival has driven many from their homelands in fear: the Goths have fled southwest-wards, give chase and you will find the fertile lands of the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Vandals run west. There you will find the Western Roman Empire: weaker than its eastern cousin, but perhaps easier to exploit.

In the southeast lies the wealthy Sassanid Empire: ripe for plundering.

Before you take on the supposed masters of the civilized world, you will do well to strengthen your position by subjugating the northern tribes.

The world will dance to your tune ... or it will burn!"

Faction TraitsEdit

Hun Guy

Cultural TraitsEdit

Scourge of GodEdit

"You know nothing. Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse."

  • Enemy Morale: -10 Morale when fighting Christian Factions

Faction TraitsEdit

Horsemen of the ApocalypseEdit

"Come the horsemen, come the ruin of man, come the end of days."

  • Conquest: +25 Growth from razing settlements
  • War: +1 Integrity for every war being prosecuted
  • Famine: +20 Food consumption in provinces where the horde is present.
  • Death: Stops foreign replenishment in the provinces where the horde is present (all armies)

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Bosphoran InfantryBosphoran WarriorsChosen Uar WarriorsHunnic Dismounted WarbandSteppe TribespeopleSteppe WarriorsUar Warriors
Spear Infantry Hunnic SpearsScirii WarriorsSteppe LevySteppe Spearmen
Missile Infantry Steppe BowsSteppe Shield ArchersUar Archers
Melee Cavalry Hunnic Devil CavalryHunnic HorsemenHunnic Mounted WarbandNoble Acatziri RaidersNokkorsShamans of the Eternal SkySteppe ChieftainSteppe Mounted BrigandsSteppe Mounted TribespeopleSteppe RaidersSteppe Warlord
Shock Cavalry Elite Hunnic LancersFirst Wave LancersHunnic LancersNoble Steppe CataphractsSteppe CataphractsSteppe Lancers
Missile Cavalry Avar HordeHunnic AmbushersHunnic Devil ArchersHunnic Horse ArchersHunnic Mounted BowsHunnic WarlordNoble Horse ArchersSteppe Horse ArchersSteppe Mounted BowsUnnigarde
Siege Artillery OnagerLarge Onager

Starting InformationEdit

Initial Challenge: Normal

Treasury: 15000

Wealth per turn: -897

Food: 85

Huns Starting Position

Family TreeEdit

Leader: Uldin

Heir: Kuridak


Other Children:

Extended Family Members:




Steeds of Doom

  • 5 population, 20 food, 1075 upkeep
  • General: Charaton - 1 star, Heir
  • Stationed in Gelonus, Samartia Europaea, owned by the Sclavenians.
  • Improvements: Nomadic Host, Elders' Yurts, Communal Ground, Goat Herders, Empty Lot


  • The symbol of the Huns is based on the Hunnic eagle, a common motiff in Hunnic art.
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