For the Empire: Total War version, see Hungarian Grenadiers (Empire: Total War).

Hungarian Grenadiers
Hungarian Grenadiers
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Austria
Type Grenadiers
Ammunition 10
Soldiers in each unit 30/60/90/120
Melee attack 12
Charge bonus 18
Defense skill 12
Morale 9
Range 80
Accuracy 45
Reloading 40
Special abilities
Cost 710 SP/880 MP
Upkeep 170
Turns to Train 2
Unit Cap 10
Hungarian Grenadiers Unit Card
The Hungarian Grenadiers are a type of grenadier in Napoleon: Total War.


Hungarian Grenadiers are the best grenadiers the world has ever seen!

Recruited in Hungary, these men have an imposing size and impressive skills that are seldom matched by grenadiers of other nations. The Hungarian Grenadiers are a sight to behold on the battlefield in their magnificent uniforms. Not only are they experts in melee and impressive on the charge, but they also display extraordinary marksmanship skills. Their only real vulnerability is artillery fire and, possibly, the danger of being charged from the rear by heavy cavalry. Even under tough circumstances their courage still inspires nearby comrades and encourages them to battle on as well.

Historically, military enlistment in Austrian service was originally for life, but by 1757 limited service was introduced in the hopes of attracting better recruits and thereby improving the calibre of the soldiers. Men were allowed to enlist for a maximum of six years, or for the duration of any hostilities, whichever was longer. The Hungarian units in the Austrian army were raised by feudal levy. Although the Austrians had an integrated army, and shared a Hapsburg monarch with Hungary, the two nations remained separate kingdoms.

General InformationEdit

Hungarian Grenadiers are available to Austria. Compared to the other Austrian grenadier option, the German Grenadiers, Hungarian Grenadiers have superior melee, charge, defense and morale, but are more expensive to train. Their ranged stats are identical, so Hungarian Grenadiers need to be used aggressively in order to justify their higher costs. Compared to other grenadiers, Hungarian Grenadiers have unusually good melee characteristics.

Like Hungarian Fusiliers, Hungarian Grenadiers may only be trained in limited numbers, and only in the region of Hungary. Ironically, Hungary (the faction) cannot recruit Hungarian Grenadiers, which are exclusively available only to Austria.

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