Leaders Tiberius Brutus
Capital Tarentum
Culture Roman
Religion(s) Juno, Mercury, Mars
Appears in Rome: Total War

"We Brutii are the only true Romans. We saved Rome, we drove out the kings, we made the Republic. The family deserve respect; respect, and obedience. We know what is best for Rome: new lands, living space, territories, slaves! I know what must be done. The Greeks look down their perfumed noses at all Romans, and they hate us. I'm going to give them a reason for hate...when I've crushed them! Roman steel, that's the answer; Roman steel in the Brutii fist. And the other great Roman families...the Scipii; trash! They have no respect for proper Roman ways, for us! The Julii prostitute themselves. As if the people matter! Bah! We Brutii must lead Rome."

-Brutii leader
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The Flag of the Brutii

The House of Brutii is one of three playable Roman factions. They represent the Brutii political family. They are colored green on campaign map.

The Brutii start in southern Italy with the settlements of Croton and Tarentum. They are tasked by the Senate with conquering Macedon and Greece on the Balkan Penninsula directly east of their home territory.

Brutii Units Edit


The Brutii Units

  • Pre-Marian Units:
  • Post-Marian Units
    • Infantry
      • Auxilia, Early Legionary Cohort, Legionary Cohort, Praetorian Cohort, Urban Cohorts, Early Legionary First Cohort, and Legionary First Cohort.
    • Missile
      • Light Auxilia and Archer Auxilia.
    • Cavalry
      • Roman Cavalry, Legionary Cavalry, Praetorian Cavalry, and Armoured General's Bodyguard.
  • Unique Units
    • Velite Gladiators: All Roman factions may train a unique gladitor unit: The Brutii can train Velite Gladiators, an elite unit with 2 hitpoints, excellent stats, and excellent morale. However, like all gladiator units, it contains less men than normal infantry units.

More Information Edit

The Brutii are also playable in one of the Historical battles, Carrhae, where they must defeat a Parthian ambush.

In 509 BC Lucius Junius Brutus created the Roman Republic. Also from this family was one of Caesar killer's born- Marcus Junius Brutus.