Mon hojo
Daimyos Hojo Tokimune (1274)
Hojo Ujitsuna (1530; Sengoku Jidai)
Hojo Ujiyasu (1550)
Hojo Ujimasa (1580)
Color Purple
Appears in Sengoku Jidai
1530 Campaign
1550 Campaign
1580 Campaign
Mongol Invasion
Core provinces Musashi
Faction Bonuses Castles are 25% cheaper to construct and upgrade.
The Hojo are one of seven playable clans in Shogun: Total War.


Grand Campaign Edit

"The name of the Hojo has a long and proud history. They were once Shoguns of Japan, remembered for driving away the Mongol Hordes, and they plan to return to their former glory. They do not trust rivals or strangers, but prefer to rely on their fighting prowess, the great wealth of their lands and their mighty fortresses."

The Mongol Invasion Edit

"The Hojo are the undisputed overlords of Japan. They are ruthless in their pursuit and use of power. They understand it intimately. They took control of Japan through cunning and assassination, and now they control Japan as regents of the figurehead Shogun of the figurehead Divine Emperor. The Hojo understand that power means more than any title. Beneath them, the Samurai, no longer content to merely serve and fight, act as provincial lords for the Hojo."

"The Hojo have brought peace to the land, but the old warlike skills of the Samurai have not disappeared just because there has been peace. If large battles are a thing of the past, personal honour and glory are still worth fighting for!"

"As the Hojo general, you'll need to take brave warriors and make them into an army. Personal courage and the hunt for individual glory may not be enough to defeat the Mongol barbarians. The Samurai will need leadership and organisation as well as skill at arms!"

Initial InformationEdit

Sengoku Jidai Edit

Characters: Hojo Ujitsuna (Daimyo), Hojo Ujiteru (Heir)
Provinces: Musashi, Kosuke, Hitachi, Kazusa, Shimosa, Shimostuke
Units: 4 Samurai Archers, 2 Yari Samurai, 2 Yari Ashigaru, 1 Emissary and the Daimyo

1530 Edit

Characters: Hojo Ujitsuna (Daimyo)
Provinces: Musashi
Units: 2 Samurai Archers, 2 Yari Samurai, 2 Yari Ashigaru, 1 Emissary and the Daimyo

1550 Edit

Characters: Hojo Ujiyasu (Daimyo)
Provinces: Izu, Sagami, Musashi, Shimosa, Hitachi
Units: 5 Samurai Archers, 3 Yari Samurai, 5 Yari Ashigaru, 1 Emissary and the Daimyo

1580 Edit

Characters: Hojo Ujimasa (Daimyo)
Provinces: Musashi, Kosuke, Hitachi, Kazusa, Shimosa, Shimostuke
Units: 10 Samurai Archers, 6 Yari Samurai, 7 Naginata, 1 Heavy Cavalry, 3 Yari Cavalry, 2 Yari Ashigaru and the Daimyo

The Mongol Invasion Edit

Characters: Hojo Tokimune (Daimyo)
Provinces: Satsuma, Hizen, Iyo, Tosa, Aki, Bizen, Harima, Kii, Kawachi, Yamashiro, Iga, Owari, Kaga, Totomi, Shinano, Kai, Echigo, Kazusa, Shimostuke
Units: 26 Samurai Archers, 25 Yari Samurai, 7 Cavalry Archers, 8 Yari Cavalry, 14 Yari Ashigaru, 10 Ashigaru Crossbowmen


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