For the Empire: Total War faction, see Hessen (Empire: Total War).

Hessen NTW

Flag of Hessen

Hessen is a minor faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Hessen borders French-held Hannover to the north, Brandenburg to the north-east and Cleves-Mark to the north-west (both initially controlled by Prussia), Flanders & Wallonia and Alsasce-Lorraine to the west and south-west (both initially controlled by France), Saxony to the east, and Bavaria to the south-east. It initially has no allies or enemies, though given that it shares borders with so many powerful forces opposed to each other, it is almost inevitably embroiled in conflict.

Though its starting army is small, Hessen has the potential to become quite powerful for a minor faction, despite its small size: its region contains a gold mine and a supply post, meaning it can be quite wealthy for a minor faction and its damaged troops replenish relatively quickly. It is further aided by its unusually versatile unit roster. Its strategic position and useful buildings, however, make it a good candidate from early invasion. Prussia requires its region for fulfilling its victory conditions, and France may find it a useful acquisition on its way to Brandenburg and the rest of Prussia.

Unit RosterEdit

Hessen has a very diverse roster for a minor faction. It is one of four factions that can recruit Carabiniers, heavy cavalry that are a slightly cheaper and inferior to Cuirassiers. In addition, it is one of the few minor factions that can recruit elite Garde du Corp. Additionally, it has access to both light and medium cavalry, and is only lacking in lancers. Hessen is one of the only minor factions that has at least one of every infantry category that may be recruited, including elite infantry. Its artillery and naval roster are standard for a minor faction.

While Hessen has access to elite infantry, it rarely has the opportunity to train them: its region doesn't have a school, so unless it trades for technology it cannot upgrade its military building adequately. 

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