In Total War: Warhammer, a Hero can act on its own with special abilities on the campaign map or embed itself within an army and fight alongside it. Much like a Lord, a Hero may have a number of magical equipment such as swords, armors, amulets, followers, banners, and other miscellaneous objects.

Hero Types Edit

There are several different Hero types available depending on Race.

The Empire Edit

  1. Witch Hunter - Ranged specialist
  2. Battle Wizard - Wizard
  3. Warrior Priest - Melee specialist
  4. Empire Captain - Melee specialist

Dwarfs Edit

  1. Thane - Superior melee fighter
  2. Master Engineer
  3. Runepriest - Anti-magic, support

Greenskins Edit

  1. Goblin Big Boss - Melee specialist
  2. Orc Shaman - Wizard
  3. Night Goblin Shaman - Wizard

Vampire Counts Edit

  1. Necromancer - Wizard
  2. Banshee - Melee specialist
  3. Vampire - Wizard
  4. Wight King

Chaos Warriors Edit

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