The Heldenplatz is a unique building in Napoleon: Total War. It is available only to Austria.


This magnificent square greatly adds to national prestige.

Pride in one's nation is a powerful thing, and what better way to instill national pride than to build a structure that celebrates the great achievements of the country? Be it past victories, advances in education and technology, or a collection of treasures, such structures provide a stage to display achievements to the world. National standing compared to other nations is vastly important in matters of diplomacy so a public demonstration of national power will improve prestige.

The Heldenplatz, or Heroes Square, in Vienna faces the famous Hofburg Imperial Palace, the seat of the Hapsburg dynasty who ruled Austria. The palace itself was originally a fortified castle and the Heldenplatz was added to the front of this ancient structure during the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph. It was intended to be the centre piece of the new Kaiserforum, a complex that was never completed. 


Heldenplatz NTW
  • +3% bonus to tax rate in all regions
  • Nation-wide effects only apply when this building is in your home region
  • Enhances National Prestige

As with all other unique buildings in Napoleon: Total War, the Heldenplatz costs 15,000 gold and takes 12 turns to build. Its cost cannot be reduced through the construction of lumber mills.

A global +3% bonus to tax rate can be substantial in the later game, where Austria may make tens of thousands of gold per turn in tax income. The building pays for itself after Austria earns 500,000 gold from taxes upon its completion. However, the increased taxation comes at a cost: region wealth growth per turn is decreased slightly due to penatlies from increased taxation. This means that, while the Heldenplatz gives a boost to income in the short term, it hurts long term wealth growth. Given these drawbacks it may be better to build the Heldenplatz later in the game, when town wealth has been built up. The Heldenplatz does not impact income generated from trade or from protectorates

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