Hatakeyama Mon
Hatakeyama Clan Mon
Daimyō ...
Color Green/White
Playable No
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in See Regions
Bonuses None

The Hatakeyama Clan are a minor non-playable faction in Shogun 2: Total War. They are only unlockable by editing the game files.


The Hatakeyama families are the descendants of Taira Takamochi. Once, in the Muromachi period, the clan became very powerful but, just like many other clans, were left in ruin in the aftermath of the Ônin War. The Hatakeyama in Sengoku Jidai are spread out across Japan, ruled by rival albeit co-friendly branch clans (roughly grouped as one single faction the game) they strive to rise back to their past honour and strength.


Initial InformationEdit

  • Start Year - 1545
  • Generals
  • Admirals
  • Religion
  • Protectorates – No
  • Allies – Tsutsui Clan, Honma Clan
  • Trade PartnersDate Clan[verify]
  • At War – Miyoshi Clan
  • Military Units
  • Navy Ships
  • Agents
  • Treasury Unknown



First Army
Second Army

Kawachi Garrison -
Noto Garrison -
Mutsu Garrison -

Clan BonusEdit

None; minor faction.

Short Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

None; minor faction.

Long Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

None; minor faction.


  • The Hatakeyama Clan was one of the 10 factions to appear in the Demo Campaign for Shogun 2.


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