Rom Hastati
Belongs to Rome
Building requirement Field of Mars
Recruitment Cost 350
Upkeep Cost 90
Unit size 40/80/120/160
Weapon(s) Gladius, Light Pilum
Weapon damage 30
AP damage 5
Charge bonus 12
Melee attack 35
Melee defense 18
Shield defense 30
Armour 25 (chest)
Shield Armour 35 (Scutum)
Missile damage 32
Range 40
Ammunition 2
Shots per minute 4
Hitpoints 50
Base morale 45
Special abilities Attacking Testudo
Attributes Disciplined, Formation Attack, Hide (Forest)
Turns to train 1

Hastati are a type of infantry in Total War: Rome II. They are Rome's initial infantry unit, and likely the first unit new players will encounter when playing Total War: Rome II. Hastati are available to the Rome faction immediately upon beginning a campaign.


Rome's standard infantry unit, the Hastati are effective heavy infantry throughout the majority of any Roman campaign, and have an affordable recruitment cost and very manageable upkeep, as well as decent melee strength and an additional ranged attack that disrupts foes. In addition to being somewhat durable, Hastati also have the Disciplined attribute, making them unlikely to rout unless in an exceptionally bad situation. However, though more flexible to deploy, Hastati still suffer from the same disadvantages as other heavy infantry, tiring quickly and are still sluggish compared to lighter units and cavalry.

Despite their high stats, Hastati suffer from being exceptionally defensive infantry, with low charge range and bonuses, resulting in a severely limited capacity for shock attacks; Barbarian infantry with stats considerably lower than Hastati will soundly defeat them if the Hastati initiate the charge.


Hastati were the youngest and least experienced soldiers in a Roman Legion, and made up the first of the three Maniples. Flexible, disciplined, and eager, Hastati were the first to engage the enemy. Most were of a poorer upbringing than the other maniples, and had to equip themselves with only a bronze chestplate, helmet, and greaves for armor, a simple Gladius shortsword for offense, and a Scutum shield. The Pilum javelin was their other staple weapon, and was hurled at the enemy prior to combat to break both formation and morale.


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