For the Empire: Total War faction, see Hannover (Empire: Total War).

Hannover Flag NTW

Flag of Hannover

Hannover is an emergent faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Hannover emerges if its namesake region (initially controlled by France) has a successful rebellion or is liberated. It borders Denmark to the north, Oldenburg to the west, Cleves-Mark to the south-west, Hessen-Kassel to the south, Brandenburg to the south-east, and Mecklenburg to the north-east.


Below are a list of grievances/friendships other factions have with Hannover if it emerges. This list is exhaustive; factions that are not listed do not have friendships or grievances (they are neutral).

France Great Britain Belgium Courland Denmark
-40 +85 +35 -25 +60
Hannover Norway Scotland Sweden
+35 -25 -25 -25

Unit RosterEdit

Unusually for a minor faction, Hannover has access to elite heavy cavalry units. The rest of its roster is about average, with access to heavy and light cavalry and line infantry, light infantry and militia but lacking grenadiers, elite infantry and skirmishers. It has the standard minor faction artillery and naval roster.

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