Hand Gunners (Teutonic Order)
Teutonic Hand Gunners
Appears in Kingdoms
Belongs to Teutonic Order
Type Gunpowder infantry
Weapon(s) Hand Gun
Soldiers in each unit 60
Attack skill 9 (melee)

13 (missile)

Charge bonus 2
Hitpoints 1
Armor 5
Defense skill 2
Shield bonus 0
Tech requirement Gunpowder must be discovered
Special abilities Combat bonus in woods or snow; Effective against armor
Cost 630

Called "hand guns" to distinguish them from cannons, these are the earliest form of personal firearm. Consisting of a rudimentary metal tube mounted on a wooden pole and awkwardly ignited, this basic design left little room for aiming. These weapons caused more panic than actual damage to enemy troops who were shaken by the noise and smoke made when firing. Given their short range, their firers need to be heavily armored and able to look after themselves in close combat.

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