Grenadiers à Cheval
Grenadiers a Cheval
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to France
Type Heavy Cavalry
Soldiers in each unit 15/30/45/60
Melee attack 17
Charge bonus 21
Defense skill 18
Morale 13
Produced from Staff College
Special abilities


Cost 890 SP/1110 MP
Upkeep 280
Turns to Train 4
Unit Cap 4
Grenadiers a Cheval Unit Card
Grenadiers à Cheval are a type of heavy cavalry in Napoleon: Total War.


These elite heavy cavalrymen are exceptional in close combat. Their straight heavy swords make short work of enemies.

Grenadiers à Cheval ride the largest and strongest steeds. Although relatively slow, their charge into an enemy is almost certain to do terrible damage. Once in close combat, the grenadiers are strong enough to continue the slaughter. They may meet their match charging against infantry in square, or in a fight with well-disciplined elite infantry but, even then, they embrace death with the same resolve they display in attack.

To modern eyes, the concept of a mounted grenadier looks more than a little odd: surely the horses would panic at the first grenade explosion? Like all other grenadiers, the Grenadiers à Cheval were large men, chosen for their physical qualities. To be admitted to the grenadiers, a man had to been cited for bravery, have several campaigns under his belt, and be a strapping fellow. Mounted on large black horses, and resplendent in their bearskins, they made for an intimidating presence and were nicknamed ‘The Giants’ or ‘The Gods’ by their fellow Frenchmen.

General InformationEdit

Available exclusively to France, Grenadiers à Cheval are formidable heavy cavalry, able to take on nearly any foe in melee combat and comfortably win. They compare most closely with Carabiniers, with identical cost, charge bonus, and morale, but having slightly better attack and slightly worse defense. Grenadiers à Cheval hold the distinction of having the best attack stat of any cavalry in Napoleon: Total War, allowing them to comfortably win any engagement as long as their stamina holds up and they don't suffer too many casualties closing the distance.

In the Campaigns of the Coalition (but not France's Europe Campaign), France begins the campaign with one regiment of Grenadiers à Cheval in its capital. This unit represents by far the strongest heavy cavalry in any faction, though if they are destroyed France cannot replace them until it builds a Staff College, which is an end-game building.

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